Michael Landy reviewed

So this morning i went down to the Art bin in south London gallery. I disliked it, because i wanted to dislike it and the way all these students were cueing up with their art desperately hoping that their art is good enough to be destroyed. They was some much Bureaucracy about putting something in the trash, if Michael liked it, then you had to fill out a form with measurements, titles, its medium and its weight. All these copyright issues. HOWEVER i got to throw in someone else’s work and it was SO MUCH FUN, all the reasons why you resented it for being so high brow were completely forgotten when you climb the big steps and look down over this massive skip, its exhilarating. It was like a theme park, cueing, going up the stairs and then trying to smash up work by damien hirst, tracy emin or peter blake. I was obsessed and wouldn’t leave till i had thrown everyones art into the bin. So i guess what i am saying is give it a go, you will like it. (you dont even have to do it with your own work to gain a sensation)

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