march begins

hello friends i wanted to mentally write down where i am at and what im planning because its the first day of a new month, if thats even a reason!

On Friday i returned from a 2 week journey from Stansted,London to Krakow, Poland to Berlin, Germany and then back again to Luton airport, London. I am publishing all my notes from these trips and you will find them in the new travel section but all the gallery visits will be written up under the artists and exhibitions category.

On Saturday the 27th Bigwindow collective had our 2nd Cabaret event, which was a success, even though i did have to stand in Brixton market with a sign saying ‘Cabaret tonight’ for an hour or so getting the punters in because the market was closing. There were clowns, mimes , stand up, poets and generally more spoken word performances due to my equipment resources. Please find photos from the first cabaret on 6th February in the Bigwindow folder.

Daft Airlines was a giant success (see Daft Airlines folder) video will be uploaded sometime this week. There is a great collection of physical documentation to be published also, postcards and boarding passes. i will digitize these and upload them with videos of the event.

I received good marks for My studio one module practice, i think it was 83 out of 100, a few marks of a 1st. I was well happy considering my lack of experience with art as such.

While writing this i have become aware of how lazy my posts have become over February and i promise to return to my normally level of contribution. right to the future

2 new projects –

the CD shop. a collaboration with Archie Sinclair. A record store selling albums with no artwork, just their title ‘track 1, track 2 etc’ and their duration. see new category – record shop

Mobile phones. Yesterday i discovered a bizarre feedback loop that can be done with 2 phones on speakerphone next to each other. Voices get trapped and lost in this sonic environment. follow this in – hold the line

ok i lied, maybe there are 3 new projects, however i am not sure if i will go through this. Sensory alarm systems, a gallery space full of them and reacting to the viewer. Not sure how i feel about it or if it works because it is slightly similar to the mobile phones project.

on top of all this their is the Changeling production that needs lots and lots of work if it is ever going to get to Edinburgh Fringe festival.

over and out x

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  1. Thanks for this. I will try it on my on.

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