Daily Narrative

My brain was fed on the bus when reading ‘postproduction’ by Nicolas Bourriaud today.

Here is the sequence that gave me food for thought –

When Screenplays become form : A user’s guide to the world

‘postproduction artists invent new uses for works, including audio or visual forms of the past, within their own constructions. But they also reedit histrorical or idealogical narratives, inserting the elements that compost them into alternative scenarios.

Human Society is structured by narratives, immaterial scenarios , which are more or less claimed as such and are translated by lifestyles, relationships to work or leisure , institutions, and ideologies. ‘

‘We are all caught within the scenario play of late capitalism’ – LIAM GILLICK

‘Folded and hidden away in all cultural products as well as in our everyday surroundings, these narratives reproduces communal scenarios that are more or less implicit: a cell phone, an article of clothing, the credits of a television show, and a company logo all spur behaviors and promote collective values and visions of the world’

One response to “Daily Narrative

  1. just read this article about the possible law change on advertising in public spaces


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