shop notices retrospective

So i tried this twice and didnt get any responses. The lack of response to this character has left this person in a dark room, feeling lonely. I should of made more work from the lack of responses, and infact the absence in response is more inspiring than the responses i could of got. IT was my first time working in this autobiographical life as art way (giving my own name and contact details) and felt i had been slightly dissapointed. Not by the public, but in my own approach. IT was quite naive of me to expect anything from it however i liked the visual image of using shop notices as exhibition areas.
From presenting this at a critical i became introduced into some interesting areas. I read ‘life as art’ by Allan Kaprow and realized how close these methods were too Sophie Calle and Gillian Wearing. How personal and intimate art can be when functioned into the everyday.

In college there is an advertisement for a house and someone (who knows the tenant) put a note saying ‘Don’t she’s mental’. I like the way there is a response to this notice.

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