Balloon notes

I had thought for a while about the effect of combining 2 of my projects. BY adding my shop notices, or some other type of desirable note to a balloon with a return contact and letting them fly off attached to the helium balloons.
This was a fun style of communication at fates and carnivals, attaching a note to see who’s balloon could get the furthest (with a response from whoever finds it) .
I didnt know what to write on the notes. The problem with the notices is that no one had responded because they were terrifyingly vague, and if you found a balloon with a note on it saying ‘religion wanted urgently’ i dont think i would respond. There needed to be some personal gain to make it a participatory project. And i was thinking if i was just using the Balloons because they were so aesthetically poetic.
I did like this method of making a participatory project. Asking question and collecting responses through their contribution to a website. Or i could just promote the balloons film by sending a link. I would of quite liked to ask something mundane. I liked this method to get a random selection of people to make a network for a collaborative project…i just dont know what yet.

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