On Tuesday 19th January I had planned a trip to Legoland in Denmark.
I had booked the flights to Billund airport leaving at 6:40am and returning at 10.20pm for the same price as a return bus journey.

I began to research the history of Lego. I discovered that Billund airport was built by Godtfred Kirk Christiansen (one of Lego’s founders) and was his private airfield till Legoland became such a big tourist attraction.
Infact Legoland is Denmark’s biggest tourist attraction outside of the capital, Copenhagen.

Legoland to Denmark is the pyramids to the Egyptians, The Eiffel tower to France and the London eye to the British.
Although these famous monuments were built for other purposes they now serve as attractions in the travel industry.
It was another one of those placesthat you must see; it must be viewed, experienced, documented and consumed for to then tell people about it.

I knew nothing about Denmark and where Billund was.
I had looked at a map and I knew where Duplo Land was in connection with knight’s kingdom.

On the Friday before I left, somebody told me that Legoland is shut this time of year.
This was re-confirmed by Legoland’s website. –

‘LEGOLAND® is closed for this season and we hope you have had an unforgettable experience in LEGOLAND in 2009’

It is closed till 27th of March 2010

I was left with Tickets to an absent attraction. The closure of Legoland had rendered my holiday meaningless.

No refunds could be given on the flights so to I tried to find other attractions I could go to in Denmark.
It would take 3 hours on the train to get to the capital Copenhagen; perhaps I could go to Tivoli gardens – an amusement park with the oldest roller coaster and the oldest Ferris wheel.

Id probably get two hours there and entrance was free. I could take pictures, send a postcard, eat different types of food and enjoy something new.

But if I wanted to go to Copenhagen I should have bought tickets to go to Copenhagen. I felt that going to their capital just because their other top tourist attraction was closed was reasonabley aimless. And they wouldn’t have any Lego.

To remain dedicated to this lego themed holiday i would go to Billund Airport, get the bus to Legoland and just experience the location from the outskirts.
It would be more of an original experience I told myself, however much I wanted to go inside.
How many people have been to legoland and not been inside? I can go and document and tell people about how I did this, how original it is, how much I discovered and how much I enjoyed it.

I would take some Lego with me.
My own readymade souvenier
Just in case it was really dull and seeing all those fantastic Lego creations could be quite agonising, I could make my own replication.
This now seemed like I had creatively adapted my big package holiday into something unique, I would come back with personal experiences that would be mine. Isn’t this what travelling is about? Unique personal experiences in new places.


I still wanted to go into LegoLand. Can i still get my unique personal experience along with all the other 1.7 million annual visitors to this spectacular attraction?
Yes because the sights are shared by everyone but the souvenirs are collected by the individual, the tourist.
The souvenir lets you own part of this new place; you can buy it from this place and take it back home.
My friend has a piece of the Berlin wall and it looks like old rock.
I have a piece of Lego
it’s not from legoland
But how would you know? This authenticity can be so easily replicated, especially from a city made out of plastic blocks.

I didn want to experiencing the outskirts of legoland, just land, miscellaneous Danish land.
I don’t want to participate in tourism if I’m not going to get the full deal –
the souveniers (and)
the sights
the landmarks
the new food
the new smells
the different people
the miss communication
the getting lost and lack of orientation all in a adventure theme park.

I felt upset and disgruntled. I reluctantly committed to going all the way. I would terrorise them for their incompetence. I would return to them what was theirs. I packed all my Lego in a bag to take and throw at LegoLand.
Imagine the effects when they re-opened on 27th March, it would be a catastrophe, a disaster, stray pieces of Lego everywhere, a real mess in this carefully constructed perfect world.

I located all my Lego over the weekend, buying more from the official Lego shop and telling John their supervisor exactly what I intended to do with it.
He didn’t believe me
he didn’t think I had the nerve he said
he said even if I did it wouldn’t make a difference
not that much anyway
as he passed me my 450 mixed selection box.
He didn’t know I had more.
But not much more, a few odd bits here and there and 4 blocks of duplo.

My plan had been pissed on by some 30 something loser called John who is supervisor at the official Lego store in Brighton.

But maybe he was right.
My girlfriend said the best way to rebel is through resistance and the most effective thing I could do was not go.
This took some time to get used to.
Ok, I haven’t got the official Lego from legoland
but it works just the same as any other Lego.
I would be the only loser by going to Legoland when it is shut.
Today there has been an empty seat all the way from London Luton to Legoland and all the way back.
LegoLand won’t remember that and nore will you.

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