Denmark for the Day

This will be a site specific piece and will happen outside the college.It will be ‘witnessed; by everyday people and can involve them directly. It should be documented by you, do that you can show the evidence back at college. This piece can be collaborative or solo.

Your key words are location , intervention and people

I am going to Denmark for the day on Tuesday 19th (next week).
I am going for one day only.
The plan was to go to Lego Land
People have told me that Lego Land will not be open.
I have not researched where i am going or if this is true.
I do not know what else i would do in Denmark for the Day.

I think id like to make some work about tourism. What we see, what we experience. How can being a tourist become a performance?
Id like to buy enough lego to make a trail to legoland.
how much lego would i need? and is the photo of each piece of lego enough of a documentation?

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