What do you like to do at parties?

What do you like to do at parties?
When it comes to dancing
Are you one of the ravers who switches on to current pop music?
Do you do your own thing whether it is throwing your arms and legs around or jerking and twisting your body to frantic rhythms that resemble the jungle drums used at parties given by primitive tribes?
Or are you middle of the roader who prefers to gyrate and leap around to earlier trendy dances such as jive, the twist, rock’n’ roll, the shake?

Or, are you what is considered to be slightly old fashioned?
Do you prefer to trip the light fantastic in the shape of a gentle waltz or a slow fox trot enlivened perhaps by the latin American beat of samba or a CHA CHA CHA ?
Or do you go mad and have a fling in a Charleston?

Of course you might like to dance en Masse, as it where.
Instead of dancing across the room from your partner or dancing so close you can hardly breath, you might like to freak out with a group of people, either beside you or behind you, or in a circle following the instructions of a singer.

The great thing about the modern world
is that we can now dance with freedom
We can have a dance party

All you need is this record.

Taken from the blurb of joe Loss ‘plays your all time party hits’

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