space station

hello. space station is the name of the performance art festival happening in the same shop that Big window Collective are occupying from Febuary.
They have a great programme of interactive performance installation- art take a look here

firstborn Theatre company are running mask making workshops with the community and then devising a show about identity through improvising with the masks and the participants. A really good example of community collaborative practice.

Scatter Collective are another really interesting new theater collective. they are hosting a tea party (mad hatter style) and devising a performance through talking about mental health. Improvised collaborative performance

Tangled Feet a London based physical peformance group will be running workshops on how to measure emotion. Tangled Feet have done great touring street performances like home, a physical choreographed piece with tents and luggage. They also did a peice called lost property, asking people what they had lost and creating a show from it. I really like the idea of extracting something so personal from the audience and then retelling it so its so accessible.

So get down to 41/42 Brixton Village Market.

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