daft blurb re-write

Daft Airlines gives their travelers the best unique personal experiences on the market today. By constantly researching the newest and most innovative way to approach the art of travel we continue to spearhead the travel industry. We now travel worldwide as your journey is never effected by distance with us. Our custom built planes now fly from anywhere, at any time, at any speed so you can travel effortlessly. Our enthusiastic and skilfully trained crew will ensure your holiday is hassle free.

Not only do you fly in style with us, you will be guided by our expertly trained tour operators who will make sure you enjoy your holiday from the second the plane lands. See the sights and collect the souvenirs, Daft Airlines will make sure that your holiday starts upon departure.

Daft Airlines will be flying from Brixton Market daily from Monday 15th Febuary to Wednesday 17th Febuary

Daft Airlines provide cheap, stylish and sophisticated travel and will get you anywhere instantly. Our brand new innovative approach to aviation has transformed the travel industry so that we ensure a pleasurable journey with us, from the moment you book your flight.
so what are you waiting for? pop by, check in and relax as you embark on a holiday you will never forget.

Daft Airlines will be departing daily from BigWindow theatre in Brixton Market from Monday 15th Febuary to Wednesday 17th Febuary

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