daft airlines is changing

from navigating through endless scheduling of the Big Window theatre as we come up close to opening times Daft Flights has changed.

There has been some availability issues all on my part and it will now only run from Monday to Wednesday because i have to go on my own daft holiday to Krackow, Poland.

The peice has changed quite Dramatically. The tour round Brixton market has been cut and instead the show will consist of our viewers taking part in the departure lounge challenge. weaving through each procedure will be helpful assistants (including myself).

its now a series of fun procedures

CHECK IN – tickets, passport, bags –

decanter liquids and sharp objects into the fish tank

DID YOU BAG YOUR BAGS YOURSELF? – audience members must take a bag packed by one of the Daft Airlines team and try and get it through security. Bags will be full of pingpong balls and other things that they have to shoot throw something?

Full Body Scan – Im thinking of taking photos of each person and projecting them onto the wall or monitor. heat sensitive photos will show how hot they are/too hot to travel.

departure lunge/ duty free section – seated area. product selling…bingo

Boarding – they will then exit the airport into BRixton Market and we will hand them souvenir bags full of postcards/bus tickets etc.

what do you think?

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