*NEW IDEA* authentic person

came to me in BEd last night.
I was thinking about myself as a gimmick, a novelty, an entertainer making sarcifices for others enjoyment.
I also was thinking about Curriculam Vitaes and the art economy and how artists sell their work or a bit of themselves. like Yves Klein and his selling of work ceremonies.

I would like to make a life sized action toy with a plastic cover and card background. I will use this sculpture as a space to perform, inside a plastic transparent case. It will be big enough to fit me in it, the back will have a bio of my life and the front will have capitalist captions.

I will also be able to make adverts and market myself as a toy figure to play with. at the moment the peice in called authentic person

There is also refrence to a performer who stood in a cupboard, an open cupboard as a performance. It is in my new book ‘Theatre without a theatre’ and will update with name soon.

please let me know what you think of the idea. The packaging will work as a platform for performances.

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