‘The secret life of airports’

was some very interesting and highly relavent christmas tv to my current project ‘Daft Airlines’ . have a look at the trailer here

I learnt more fasinatiing things about the development of civil airports. In the 1920s they would weigh their luggage and the passenger because of the weight limit. I think we should do this with our flights and charge Climate credits for people exceeding the weight limit.

There was plenty more inspirational facts but i must go to work now, however i recorded the 3 1hr episodes and will work from them.

2 responses to “‘The secret life of airports’

  1. really good man. like to see your working on our project!

    • 2 more facts i can remember from it. Croydon was the first ever airport And HEathrow was built for use in the war, but never was.
      the architect for terminal 5 is a groovy guy and there is an amazing qoute ablout concrete on runways, ‘Smooth concerete is like god diamonds!’

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