shop notices

I am going to follow up my original shop notices projects in the bigwindow theatre in Brixton Market.

In October i failed to get any responses to notices left around Camberwell

I will place these notices in Big Window theatre shop window in Brixton market for a durational period and a mannequin will be developed from responses. I will add and date notices requesting things to construct a character.

Perhaps a story will emerge and can be performed.

notices that will be put up –

History needed
first kiss preferred
hobbies wanted
qualifications needed
Bedtime story required
love of life needed
previous accidents required
interests needed
style required
favorite food wanted
favorite colour needed
relatives required
amusing anecdotes required
stylish haircut needed
fashion wanted

id like to make it so that anyone could reply to them, maybe by hanging a poster up next to the notices for instant responses. Once again i will hang up my name and contact info

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