Daft flights tag lines

Daft Flights have been giving their travellers authentic personal experiences in new and innovative ways.

We now travel worldwide and your journey is never effected by distance.
our custom built planes now fly from anywhere at any speed, distance is never an issue.

Share the sights and collect the souvenirs, this is a holiday you will never forget. our travel guides ensure that no one is left anywhere and that you all explore somewhere.

our enthusiastic crew will ensure your safety and enjoyment at all times. Our team research into how to garuntee you see all the best bits and provide you with a unique personal journey that will never be forgotten.

the traveler is active and the tourist is passive – Daniel J.Boorstin (the image: A guide to pseudo – events in America )

One response to “Daft flights tag lines

  1. DAFT AIRLINES – distance free travel

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