red suitcase

Got some critical feedback and id like some more here are some questions –

Does the title indicate too much?
do i create any sort of suspense?
In anyway does it look like a recording of a public performance?

I got into an irritating argument about how it wasnt a public performance. It was. apparently it can only be a performance when the camera is filmed really badly on a mobile phone and no non diagetic sound can be added. I wanted the recording to a peice strong enough on its own, which it now does.
Another reason for the film looking so nice with lots of angles is that the act of the balloons coming out of the suitcase is a reconstruction of lost moments. If i was to stay honest to the concept than there would of been no record for these lost moments. Art college would of loved that.
I guess it also shows the fact that ive been doing film studies for the past year and although the idea of lost moments inspired me i also wanted it to look quite visually poetic.

Can you perform a reconstruction to video? or does video make anything live into a reconstruction?

anyway the balloons will fly again. I am determined not just to have made a lovely film and be done with it. although it is a lovely film!

2 responses to “red suitcase

  1. red briefcase film is now going to be screened as part of the end of term exhibition. I am going to screen in it on a monitor in the suitcase facing upwards.
    I am showing it like this because the peice still carries alof of suspense and contemporary cultural reference to the ‘suspicious package’ ideology. If i was to hang balloons round it it would pre emp these moments that happen and are lost.

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