Karen Guthrie & Nina Pope

Are artists and film makersworking with participatory community based projects and new media forms. They try to explore themes and then see what happens because i find when working collaborativley with the public it is always going to develop very far from the orginal concept.

Im going to go through some of their work that interested me in the artist talk today –

Tate Modern funded a peice called pilgrims. 29 artists went on journeys throughout a day and called back to tell stories to bourough market. This was a performance to the people of Bourough marketand all the stories were based on the theme of ‘Pilgrimage’

Then they started working with film as a way to document their practise. This turned into their first feature documentry called ‘ Bata – Ville’ . Focused around a place called east tilbury where this business ‘bata’ shoewhere exsisted. Bata made homes and neighbourhoods for all the employess (mid 1940s i think) . Karen and Nina then set up a travel agent in the abondened factory for a year trying to save enough money to take all willing ex- employees to discover the history of the Bata shoe company in its origins of Czech republic.
The holiday happened by coach and Nina and Karen orchestrated it and were the tour guides. We watched a lovely sequence where the holiday goers become really nostalgic about their past in the factory while on the trip.

They then went onto make a traditional documentary called ‘living with the tudors’ where they spent time at Kentwell hall in suffolk, the biggest tudor re-inactment village in the uk.

I asked her about funding. Apparently distrubuters hate her because when they apply for funding they obviously have no idea of where the project will end up or what it will become. Distribution companies hate this, they need clear structure. I had a feeling this had been the hardest transition for them moving from art into film.

I then asked about funding from local council for community based art work. She said that there are plenty of other places that are interested in supporting this type of work but to be as honest as possible with proposal. If you dont know what the final outcome will be just say but tell them what will be involved in the process.

Another note in regards to funding Councils like it when you are going to work with a certain sociological group. Not just the public. Less control over the project perhaps?

they have a very good website here

which i am going to purchase a copy of bata-ville from.

Recording live performance or just live public art is always tricky because the video is not an honest reflection of the work. My red suitcase film for example was intended to be a live public performance art peice however it has been edited into a little lovely short film. the problem with public collaboration is that you have no control over the final product, is this even a problem?
When Someone catches all my balloons in red suitcase? It makes it.Its about the making.

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