Daft Flights will depart to Brixton from 29th January!


We need to get this license done, i was wondering if there was an application refrence number so they know that it is conjuction with the whole empty space scheme.
Il bring it to the meeting. not much love for Thursday….Might have to make sure That License is applied for with 28 days before January right? So sunday written up for Monday send off. Im quite happy to help with that.

Daft flights –

Prop sourcing needs to happen over christmas (im planning to go back from 14th December)

Car seats. There going to be hard because there so big and heavy. We will have to hire man with Van however we can definetly store them in my house. As many as we can get is the audience capacity. So we will start researching places to get them (im currently researching Bristol mechanic contacts)

Trolley will come from somewhere

toilet Id quite like to make a toilet cubicle so we can say that is broken.

cabins – dont know if you want to construct a separate room for pilot?

check in desk also easy to source. *my housemate used to work for easyjet and do all that ‘did you pack your bags yourself?’ stuff**

please add to that where you see fit. I dont think we should do all the scanning stuff just check in and departure lounge.

Cast – may want 1 or 2 extra characters? for the flight? i would like people in Brixton market to play a part, they dont have to do anything really!

the holiday – Should not be neglected. We should lead everyone round in a tight group, do we want them to get bored? how far can we take this?!

audio visual – i dont mind using my amp and speakers. maybe should try and get another pair for surround sound. But im ok on that front.

run up –

We should have flyers. posters/ website made by the end of December yes? when i say website i mean blog but could we get a blog with an online booking system for tickets?
Obviously our audience can book tickets from the departure lounge but an online booking form would be more realistic?

ok getting hyped. We should perhaps start doing some improvisations. and then try and research some tales that we can tell our holiday goers during their trip.
and also shall we do 1 / 2 / 3 flights per day? flights lasting around an hour??

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