Bunny and The Bull

Just went last night to see this at the Ritzy with a talk afterwards by Paul King (the director) and and Ed hogg who plays Stephen in the film.

I thought the script was very bad but the artistic direction was awesome. The majority of it was a variety of different animations from stop frame to motion tracking. Paul King was interested in travelling and what one sees and does while on holiday. In the film the main character Stephen is very precautions and makes sure they attend all the things recommended in the guide book (meaning going to all sorts of dull museums). This directly links to my research into travel and holidays and how the tourism industry has created this whole structure and plan to traveling based on myths. Its a lie to say that to Travel is to go somewhere.

Look at Xavier de Maistre and his book ‘Voyage autour de ma chambre’ a travel writing parody from 1794 where he locks himself in his room for 6 weeks and explores every inch of space as if on a adventure.

Its made me ask these questions. When do you know your on Holiday? how long before travel becomes a journey? With the increase of instant fast travelling over vast distances how important is the place in recognizing that you are abroad? Could i take you anywhere if i simulated the whole journey? would you believe me?

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