on the weekend of the 22nd i was in Bristol. I went to Arnolfini and saw ‘100 days’ exhibition

Arnolfini have offered their spaces to eco poltical activities , permaculture workshops and collaborative production for COP15 (Copenhagen climate conference)

There was alot of great stuff being made and it was clear that many people were making use of the space to act upon climate change in an art/activist aspect.

The Bike Bloc is being made there. This is a mass recycled bike machine that will storm the summit on the 15th of December. Some really good mechanics involved with this, because over 30 people can ride it. I am not talking tandems!

another piece that grabbed me was by Sustrans ‘The Slow Travel Agency’
A scheme by Sustrans (who i worked for over the summer of 2009) to promote trips and holiday travel made by other methods than flying. It carries alot of relevance to my package holiday project that i am developing, in studying why travelling by other means is alot nicer. How bizarre it is just to arrive at a new location through a passage of various dead – spaces (departure lounges etc)

Sustrans stands for Sustainable Transport, apart from making the national cycle network (NCN) they develop neighborhoods, educate the young and promote cycling with events and rides. Check them out here

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