Mark Mcgowan

Mark Mcgowan is a performance artist born in Peckham and working at Camberwell arts College.

He has done things with peanut butter i have only dreamt about. and with peanuts. look at his work here

He pushed a monkey nut with his nose 7 miles to Westminster. He covered himself in Peanut Butter and cycled round on a trike in the sqaure mile. He got into a Bath of Baked Beans and put Sausages in his mouth.


He is a radical performance artist working in and with the public. He says Art has become too safe and i agree.

He made a piece about people taking Pebbles from Brighton Beach


In an extra ordinary art performance, environmentally conscious artist Mark Mc”””Gowan will
be attempting to cartwheel the 57 miles from Brighton to London withtwo 12lb rocks tied around
each ankle and 18 sticks of pink Brighton rock cellotaped across the front of his face, in a protest
against people who take pebbles home from the beach as it is diminishing the Sussex coastline
and is causing what is potentially an environmental catastrophe. it is not just one or two stones,
people are filling up 9 or 10 builders sacks and transporting them home in their cars, a problem
which is belived to have been caused by makeover garden television programmes.

Mc”””Gowan says, ‘It is a long way to cartwheel, 57 miles, but I am up for the event, even though
I am not a great cartwheeler. The event will finish outside Margaret Beckett’s office, Nobel House,
Smith Square, SW1,. The project should last about two weeks and begins on Wednesday
10th August 2005 at 10am from Brighton pier.

”’Cartwheel Artist Collapses after 4 Days”’

Mark Mc”””Gowan twisted his back late on Saturday evening and never quite recovered, completing one cartwheel
too many he crumpled into a heap on the side of the road and he tried to continue but couldn’t move. He
lay motionless for over 10 minutes and was consoled and comforted by passers later on he said, ìI did my
best, I hope I haven’t let down too many supporters. Local council officials have said that they will prosecute anyone removing stones
from beaches. Mark says he will be resting his back and consulting a chiropracter.

I like this work and i want to work for/with him on something.

One response to “Mark Mcgowan

  1. The first link isn’t leading anywhere :/

    But what a guy! That catapulting old ladies to space performance reminded me of the time expanding experience Jodie Foster goes through in Contact!

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