‘untitled’ Have you ever been tempted to name your work with this phrase?

The fear Artists have over the influence and impact of the name of their piece perhaps sometimes leads them to choose the phrase ‘untitled’

The power of the caption. If language is ment to textualise so much imagery, how can it have so much power over an image?

These two posts have come from a Lecture we had this morning by Neil Chapman who works with artists and language. When my friend asked what his practice was he could not awnser really.

He discussed alot of things. And numbered them which always helps.
Michel De Certeau wrote ‘The practise of everyday life’ I am currently reading ‘volume 2: Living and Cooking’

From discussion about Automatic writing and Andre Breton’s study and practice of the methodology of constraints we looked at George Perec (look above) and his work in and around the rules and parameters of writing.

The ‘Vox pop’ basically the effect of the microphone. The fear of silence encourages the speaker to gabble. very true. I guess Blogs are induce the same effect for writing.

Ive always admired typography and appreciated the power of language and text. How it can work with visual art and the two do not have to conflict. Typography, to me, expresses creative control over each letter, making its influence of the image less powerful i think.

interesting topic.

One response to “‘untitled’

  1. Hey Max, nice blog you’ve got! I agree, untitled is a bit uninspired as an art piece name, its often a sign of lack of direction with in a piece. Unfortunately post modernism makes this discussion almost impossible since the untitled reference can also be seen as a meta comment on context in which the work exists which in turn can be almost anything the creator imposes on it, this can make the title mean anything regardless of the meaning of the word(s), and can possibly serve as a comment on postmodernism itself adding to the incestuous nature of postmodernism in general, which I feel is innately directionless. Have a look at my blog if you have a chance www raggedclown com.

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