Tris Vonna-Michelle

on the 12th of November a small group of Wimbledon fine art student fell in love with this young man.
HE is an artists working in performance with storytelling and slides and tells magnificent tales from all over the world. he is originally from Southend on sea.

His tone, grammer and the length of his sentences hypnotize you. Most of his stories come from travelling and monumental detours.
He says that every morning he wakes up and thinks of 5 things. These are his 5 stories. All these tales share themes and apparently all his work reflects different types of chocolate bar (toberone, fierro roche…etc). I dont think i begin to describe the nature of his performance. He will always perform with an egg timer because if he doesnt, all these memories branch into other tales and he wont be able to stop. usually the audience member will chose how much time they give him, setting him his parameters. One thing that is constant is that all his tales begin with him saying ‘ I don’t want to take up any of your time, I just want to tell you a story’
Having the egg timer is comforting to the busy modern man, its like reading a novel and always being aware roughly how many pages you have left. IF it wasnt for the egg timer his stories would go on forever.

This focus on time and choosing time to be the parameters for his performance shows a metaphysical theology to his practice, collaborating with time and space is a method used by the dadists at club Volitaire and Bahaus and some of the performance art from the 1960s (Alan Kaprow).

I couldnt find much online documentation on him, maybe thats something to do with the fact that he only checks his email on Tuesdays and Sundays. and has no Phone.

Take a listen to one of his performances HERE

One response to “Tris Vonna-Michelle

  1. Soo… jealous of tris. ill try and make friends with you x

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