This is a theme i am exploring but directly into flying holidays and AIRPORTS and package holidays

Its kind of come from me reading too much Jean Baudrillard Postmodernism
and Marc Auge – Non-Places: Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity

I am reading this href=”″>

It has some profound information on tourism and the travel industry like this

the number of of air passengers each day in the us : 2 million.

i like this qoute

‘ One can travel the world and see nothing. To achieve understanding it is necessary not to see many things , but to look hard at what you do see’

Giorgio Morandi qouted in Michael Kimmelman, ‘looking Long and Hard’

This made me think about Geogio Sidatti

he thinks about Art as Evidence and Collage as Context.

his sound peice in 1999 ‘went to america and didn’t say a word’

On the morning of Saturday March 20, 1999, I flew on American Airlines from London Heathrow to New Yorks John F. Kennedy airport. I was wired for sound and upon arrival switched on my mini-disc recorder. I stayed overnight at a hotel on Lexington and 21st and flew back to London the following evening whilst in America I didn’t say a word, but all my waking hours were recorded.

This is relevant to the quote about about traveling the world and not seeing anything. nore do you particpate, and looking is not only done through vision.

So this is the beginning of my documentation of a performance of ‘Daft Flights’ and excessive budget package holiday
experience. stay tuned.

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