Thursday 19th Nov Shunt ‘Money’

Shunt close down this weekend and unfortunately i never got to go there. rubbish i know. But i am compensating by attending their new show in an abandoned factory/warehouse on in Bermondsey.

take a look HERE

This is a site specific performance trail. they have completely transformed this empty space into a wonderful realm of performance for the audience to explore.

Its based on ‘L’ Argent’ by Emile Zola. I have not read this but its context was a financial collapse in France in the 19th century. From that brief context one can already work out the correlation of the adaptation.
I dont know much more but i will obviously update this post with reviews.

Im going to a late showing (9:45) so that i can be hopefully even more immersed in the action.

SHUNT ‘MONEY’ review review review review review review many spoilers.

So They built a mobile industrial factory within the warehouse space. 3 levels and each floor is glass so you watch scenes in other rooms, above and below you.
Fantastic opening, A crescendo of steam train sounds in complete darkness. Darkness in performance with audience is so exciting, endless possibilities to misplace them.
SO its about capital boom, economy and we all become part of the market with shares costs in our mobile money exploiting factory. We drink Champagne on the top floor when its all going well and we discuss how to further our bussiness in a bizarre court case that ends with a randy newman karaoke.
The whole factory was sweating with wealth and indulgence, steam and smoke coming from everywhere. By watching all the other rooms in the factory (that were al very cleverly close-miced) we learn how over corrupt out enterprise is, and the lack of honesty between all the characters. Its a fantastically grotesque view of the financial market and capital gain, performed in quite a realist manner but with surreal mis – en -scene. The factory is quite apolcalyptic and timeless, There are men in 18th century dress but then apart from that it all seems like it could be in some Utopian capital future.
I enjoyed becoming part of the business and then gazing at all the trouble that was happening in the system. The excessive greed and indulgence was very humorously portrayed and i had real fun not sitting down and watching it all.


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