if you look into my categorize there should be one called Brixton. This is there because i wanted to record my application process for an empty shop in Brixton Market.
there are 20 units available and on Tuesday 16tr
me and Nichol went and looked round some of them.
after meeting a few like minded people we are currently putting together an application for a theatre/ performance space in Brixton Market.
Stay tuned to find out more. If we get it ( you will know by 24th November) we will be happy and this category will blossom. If we do not this catergory will shrink and become neglected. lets see how it goes. there were 120 applications submitted by saturday (theres a week to come up with something and submit it!)
Our small collective hope to share the space and programme a fortnightly schedule of performances and workshops. It will all be very interactive/ site specific and hopefully very engaging for the locals. Lets hope we get the space!

If anyone else has any good ideas for a proposal and can get there app in before Tuesday (tommorow) have a look here

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