Balloon Briefcase


was very fun. we had a few cameras and a big red suitcase and lots of helium Balloons.

The Intention was to reconstruct the poetics of chance and how moments are so easily lost. I walked down streets and let the balloons pop out and fly away. Sometimes they took a bit of forcing, you must be aware that these moments happen and go unoticed and that this was an attempt to try and emphasize how fragile chance is.

There are some aspects about public performing in London. You cannot get a reaction. and you never know how anyone is going to react. (the latter applies to most Cities)

Did about 4 different locations of the balloons exploding from my suitcase into the dark cloudy rainy sky. Will hopefully have a rough edit that i will upload by the end of the week, with some sound drones.

Big thankyou to everyone who helped out. Libby for making over 50 balloons and carrying round a massive gas cannister all day in the rain.
Leandrou for general happiness and camerawork.
Dom for the same and
Clara for her astounding Camera work and endless patience.

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